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10 June 2024

Welcome to our site and thank you for looking us up.


There  are still places available for the 

Helmsley Open Air Pool Sat 22 June mid summer evening skinny dip

To book email John on

Booking is now open for the Yorkshire Wildlife Park's Bare All for Polar Bears Sat 20 July 2024, 1900-2000


There are also lots of other events.

Harrogate Victorian Turkish Baths Naturist Nights, contact Julie & Peter about autumn 2024 events,

email -


Google Naked Lincolnshire Naturists. Chris Petchey,  Https://, is doing a grand job having organised recent Sunflower Walks, garden visits and the Maize Maze.

Bircotes Naturist Swim, contact Stephen Johnstone, email -

Please contact him for details. I am assured that a warm welcome awaits you.

South Yorkshire Naturists are an open group of naturist enthusiasts offering events and activities in a naturist environment over South Yorkshire and the North Midlands. Whether new to naturism or a fellow enthusiast the events are open to all. There is no fee to join SYN, the only cost will be for entry to events.


If you wish to join us you will be asked for proof of identity. BN membership is accepted. This is for everyone's safety.

What we are about

Through encouraging people to be their most authentic selves, we promote body positivity and body acceptance, alongside improving confidence and self esteem.

Naked, liberated, and empowered.


If the thought of your first time in naturism is overwhelming or daunting, please feel free to bring a robe or towel. However, we encourage you to “GO FOR IT!” as SYN is an open and accepting platform for all people interested in naturism.

As a newcomer to naturism you might find this link interesting:

I also found this - I don't think you can get enough information together to support you in starting your journey into naturism.

what we offer

We offer a range of activities and events throughout the year to suit everyone.

These range from swims, spa nights, trips away and workshops and we have a range of varying social and public events. Scroll down for a full list of our current events.

What IS Naturism

Naturism or nudism, the words are interchangeable.

Naturism is the practice of going without clothes, whether that is at home or in your garden

 or just occasionally at a beach whilst away on holiday or as a more general part of everyday life.

It is also the the practise of non sexual social nudity, with others, when the circumstances - and weather - permit,

whether at an organised event, a swim/spa or club or beach or resort.


Naturism is healthy, sensible - who wants to wear clothes when the weather is hot – and great fun!

It also “promotes wholesomeness and stability of the human body, mind, and spirit.”

There is a tremendous sense of calm, relaxation and wellbeing that being a Naturist brings,

particularly when among such friendly, like-minded folk. 

Naturists believe that baring all helps with stress relief, improved self-esteem

and a positive body image/body acceptance.

When we shed our clothes we also shed the constraints of social status, that by which we are often judged.

Naturists make no such judgements and simply get to know the true person within.

We also realise that the human body is to be celebrated, for its rich diversity, not held as an object of shame.

Any naturist will tell you that to be truly in touch with nature, to feel the air, the sun and the water on bare skin, is one of the most life affirming and amazing experiences one can have. In fact, once you have swum without a costume, you will never go back – we believe they are pointless.

Naturism is a non-sexual environment, there is nothing lewd or inappropriate going on (this would be as unacceptable as in a clothed situation), and as such it is great for the whole family.

The children of naturist parents are encouraged to appreciate their bodies as part of their natural environment, who then grow up with a greater awareness of the human body. In fact Naturism offers something of an antidote to the unhealthy yet pervasive images of the ‘perfect body’ with which they are continually confronted and which can cause so many body hang-ups in later life.

Women In Naturism

British Naturism, BN, has a campaign running, Women In Naturism,, aimed at reassuring and encouraging women to get involved.

What do BN hope to achieve?

  • Help more women to discover the life-affirming, exhilarating feelings of social nudity - and great community and social life that accompanies them.

  • Create a network of Naturist women who can keep the profile of Naturism high in the media, be advocates amongst women’s groups, organise and host events, be a contact point for newcomers, and more.

  • improve awareness of the negative effects of societal pressure on women to conform to a particular type of body shape and appearance.

  • Help the men in Naturism to show the benefits to the women in their life.

  • Provide mutual support to help women be happier and more confident about their bodies

For any women wishing to attend an event we say ‘just do it’.

If you would like we could arrange for you to be met and perhaps to have a chat with one of our female guests beforehand, in order to provide some support and reassurance about coming in.

EVENTS & Activities

To book for any event contact Mr John by email on 

Upcoming Events

  • SYN does GBSD @ Helmsley Open Air Pool - contact for tickets
    SYN does GBSD @ Helmsley Open Air Pool - contact for tickets
    Sat, 22 Jun
    Helmsley Open Air Pool
    22 Jun 2024, 19:15 – 21:15
    Helmsley Open Air Pool, Baxton's Sprunt, Helmsley, York YO62 5HT, UK
    22 Jun 2024, 19:15 – 21:15
    Helmsley Open Air Pool, Baxton's Sprunt, Helmsley, York YO62 5HT, UK
    SYN have secured a mid summers evening booking of the Helmsley Open Air Pool and hosting a Great British Skinny Dip in aid of the British Heart Foundation. Come along, strip off, jump in and embrace this wonderful experience. To book contact
  • Lakeside Day Visit July 2024 - to book email
    Lakeside Day Visit July 2024 - to book email
    Sun, 21 Jul
    21 Jul 2024, 10:00 – 17:00
    Lincolnshire, Lakeside Naturist Holiday Resort, Station Rd, Spilsby PE23 5BQ, UK
    21 Jul 2024, 10:00 – 17:00
    Lincolnshire, Lakeside Naturist Holiday Resort, Station Rd, Spilsby PE23 5BQ, UK
    The July 2023 was a great success. To book email John at .

A personal Account

I came across this personal account of a woman new to naturism on the web and thought it would be useful to post the link on our website to help provide reassurance and encouragement to others.


2 bed luxury naturist apartment in a unique naturists resort in Almeria being rented by one of your guests. Get in touch, email, phone 07990881444, website

Simon has been leading us in the massage workshops since Nov 16. Contact Simon direct to discuss and book.

Natalie the proprietor is lovely, she is now one of us and not fazed by anything and puts you at ease. Given them a call.

If you would like to give it a go but not sure, get in touch, have a chat. We could arrange for you to talk to some of our female guests. We can arrange for someone to meet you and accompany you in and show you around. All I will say is that I have yet to meet anyone, who having done it, say I wish I hadn't. Just do it!



The farm is run by Chris Morgan, who has been a guest at DDN Spa Nights. He has steadily been developing holiday accommodation suited to naturism. He is also open all year round. See his website via the Naturist Accommodation UK.

Events throughout the area, including Ripon Spa Baths Naturist Swim.

Events throughout the year. Contact us for details.

Events throughout the year, including a fortnightly swim at the Norton Pool.

Great location for a day visit or stay over. They offer pitches for camping or caravans as well as having their own accommodation units available. The new pool has just been opened.

They have just held their annual Nudestock event.

Check out their website for events.

Check out their website for subscription to their magazine -

Elite Waxing - Rotherham & Sheffield

Our Lanzarote 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom home is in the designated naturist village of Charco del Palo. Naturism is welcome everywhere in the village, though we all wear a coverup when visiting our local supermercado! There are two restaurants in the village that are often naturist and a new naturist pub, Lili’s, opening soon. We are a small seaside village where naturists walk around, hike, sunbathe, swim and snorkel in the wonderful sea pools. We don’t have a beach, but there are lots of sandy rock shelves around the sea pools for sunning.

We want to share our home with other naturists so we offer to you from April thru October. We are part of a small 10 home complex, with a huge pool. We have terraces east and west and sun chairs. The home is fully furnished for all your cooking and relaxing desires. We ask that you contribute to our running costs only and cleaning.  Get in touch with us on and we can send you more pix and info! 


Villa for Rent - Charco del Palo
Charco Photo 1
Charco Photo 2

H&E has been in existence in various forms since 1902, according to recent research by the editor. It is the oldest naturist magazine in the world, and is the leading monthly title aimed at naturists and all those who enjoy any aspects of their lifestyle without the restrictions of clothing. H&E originally stood for “health and efficiency”, the theory being that continued exposure to the sun and air, in combination with a good diet and regular exercise, was beneficial to health and made the body work more efficiently. Nowadays, naturism is more of a lifestyle choice with much less importance placed on the perfect body image – and more emphasis on travel, sunbathing, naked activities and, most of all, fun.

H&E logo
Feather Duster Ad



Also, have a look at Natalie's interview with the Examiner Live. Natalie was one of our younger first timers last summer at the Lakeside Day Trip/Picnic.

Check out this link - - aimed at first timers

with '5 tips to help you get more comfortable being naked', starting at home.


Also, there was an interesting report in the Daily Mail and on BBC R4 Woman's Hour this week about naturism and naked walking:-



Interestingly there was a comment that the act of getting undressed in the first instance is the hardest and that being naked at home, 

getting comfortable in your own skin, is key to making nudity normal.

In 2020 SYN attracted 4 new women guests, despite the limitation of Covid on events. They all came to the picnic/day visit to Lakeside Farm Naturist Resort, Lincs, in either July. Inspired by that I feel it only appropriate to put more information on our website to reassure and encourage others.

Natalie, who had her 30th birthday whilst visiting, has really been bitten by the experience, having also attended the BN Stoke Waterworld event in September 2020, where there were over 300 guests. She was also contacted by South Yorkshire Live for an interview about her journey. She is also actively encouraging her friends to join her. That can’t be bad.

Our Values & FAQ

We understand that the world of naturism can be quite daunting, so we promote a relaxed atmosphere, body positivity, body acceptance, increasing self-confidence and centring on ourselves to be who we really are; liberated and unashamed.


People of all creeds regularly join us from as far as Manchester, Cumbria, Burnley, Newcastle, Hull, Nottingham, Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate, Sheffield, even Dublin! 


Contact us if you wish - . We will do all we can to help and reassure you. But the best advice we can offer is - just do it. You really will wonder why you hesitated so long.


Does it hurt? 

No. After the first 30secs, you will wonder why you had been so worried.


How many people go to an event? 

We average 20, we have had as many as 44 and a few as 9.


What do I need to bring with me? A smile, a £1 coin for the locker, flip-flops, always have a towel between you and whatever you sit on and a towel to dry off when you get changed at the end of the evening.


Do I have to be naked? Ideally yes, however, we do appreciate that at certain times people may feel more comfortable when covered. You could wrap a towel around you or wear a robe if that would make you feel more comfortable. Although it will get very wet in the steam room.






get involved

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